Sunday, May 15, 2011

Subject Title: Maths Performance Task - Personal Reflection

(I)Role of Statistics in Real Life

Statistics means a collection and analysing of data in large quantities. I think that statistics to me is a very useful tool that can be applicable to many things. I have learnt to organise the data collected better and neater. I also learnt different ways of drawing graphs like stem and leaf diagram, bar graph, histogram etc. My favourite graph is the stem and leaf diagram, as it is easy to read and understand. With the stem and leaf diagram, I also can find the mean, median and mode easily thus I like the stem and leaf diagram the most.

Statistics is mostly used for researchers or ‘survey taking people’ for organising the data collected. I keep track of my expenditure by drawing a bar graph on how much I spent every week and it helps a lot as it can keep track on how much I saved each week and what can I do to save more. I will also compare the amount of money I spent each week and decide if I can be able to spend lesser money. I noticed that my family’s usage of electricity, water and gas.

I think that the ‘Singapore Power’ use such graph so that the citizen can understand the information better and with ease. A multitude of different statistical tools is available, some of them simple, some complicated, and often very specific for certain purposes. In analytical work, the most important common operation is the comparison of data, or sets of data, to quantify accuracy (bias) and precision. It is applicable to a wide variety of academic disciplines, from the physical and social sciences to the humanities; it is also used and misused for making informed decisions in all areas of business and government. Statistics can be ‘embedded’ within my learning by organising my time for study and play etc.

In the newspaper articles, there are weather reports. These weather reports are showed in the from of a pictogram, it can also be in the form of a pie chart. There are also reports on the population size of Singapore in the newspaper and this can be showed in the form of a bar graph. Overall, I think that statistics can be used in many things like newspaper articles, science and many more, which makes it really useful and because of the fact that it can be used on many things, students can make use of it in a way that it benefits them.

(II)Learning Experience

Our group has equally divided the tasks and do them. We then combine our own assigned tasks together and discuss. Our group is very organised and we don't really make a lot of noises (unlike the other group who make so much noise that I cannot really concentrate). My group also can prioritise our tasks well. My group does not really have a role except the leader, we are just in charge of the neighborhood that we choose at the start of the project. The challenges are that we cannot meet up as our activities always clash and that someone (me) did not come to school then its quite difficult to contact them about what we have done at home or in school. I would discuss more and stay focused at all times so as to ensure that the task will be finished in time.

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Monday, January 17, 2011


1. What were 3 of the highlights of the Orientation and the last 2 weeks?
The campfire night, rock climbing and the first day of school.
2. What were 3 of the "low" moments of Orientation and the last 2 weeks
The campfire night, the first day of school and the end of the Orientation Camp.
3. What are 3 of my greatest takeways/lessons from the Orientation and the last 2 weeks?
I learnt to be more resilient and have more confidence.
4. What did you learn about yourself in the last 2 weeks?
I learnt that I am much more resilient than I thought and I am underweight(i think) :)
5. What are you looking forward in 2011?
I am looking forward for more Physics, ADMT and S&W lessons and the Circle Line to be built finish

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


1. Why is communication important?

Communication is important as communication help in conveying our message to others.

2. What is/are your favourite forms of communication? Why?

My favourite forms of communications are MSN and Facebook, as in MSN you can have a video chat with your friends and in Facebook you can share pictures, get to know more about your friends and comment on posts your friends made for free.

3. How do you decide which form of communication to use in a situation?

If it is formal, I would meet to face-to-face as it is a form of respect, but if it is informal like trying to convey the message to our friends, I would use MSN.

4. What difficulties do you face in communicating with others?

When you are chatting online with your friends and the internet unexpectedly breaksdown.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Orientation Camp Reflection

After this camp, I became more confidence and resilient. Through this camp I also learnt more about my classmates and this camp has helped me in remembering my classmates names. Before this camp, I don't speak up and I don't really try to know more people(in this school) but after the camp I speak more and I have made friends with people of different classes.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2 Reflection

  1. What have you done today? I did the Tower Building competition and the Mac Attack.
  2. How have your grown from today's activities? I learned how to use keynotes.
  3. How should you behave when doing groupwork? I should try not to quarrel with my group mates and we should try to concentrate on our work instead of talking or we might not be able to complete it.
  4. Why are there differences of opinions? As people think differently so there are different opinions.
  5. Why are you happy to be a member of your class? Most of my classmates are friendly and nice.